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The lighting agency is a fixture within the design community, providing the latest lighting technology and excellent manufacturer’s rep services.  Their success meant they were outgrowing their existing office space.  They needed a space that would function well for their employees and act as a working lighting showroom for their clients.  The Lighting Agency Headquarters + Showroom was conceived as a blackbox lab for lighting display. The project includes full renovation of the existing 7,500 sf CMU building with the addition of 8,500 sf of new space combined to allow the entire building to act as a living lab for lighting applications, hosting industry events, and expand the sales, display and engineering workspaces.   The building inside and out was a reflection of who the company was and the products they sell.  Much in same way as a modern fixture the building is layered, able to transform in different conditions and at different times of day.  The skin of the building is meant to play with incoming light, incorporating elements like perforated metal screens and trellises.  The primary entry for the building has varying degrees of shelter, blurring the boundary when you enter the building. 


The Lighting Agency



2661 17th Street

Denver, CO 80211

Completed 2014

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