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The Fuse is a 2-story core/shell office building and Brinkman Partners first floor headquarters, located in the Harmony Technology Park in Fort Collins.  The design of the exterior and interior sit at the crossroads of Fort Collins mountain culture and Brinkman Partners desire for a building to reflect the nature of their construction division.  The material palette is composed of refined versions of materials you would find on any construction site, concrete, rusted steel and OSB to just name a few.  The building massing is reminiscent of the steel structure of many commercial buildings under construction with the landscape acting as an extension of this idea.  Benches appear as concrete foundations and canopy spaces as a buildings steel structure.  The interior spaces contain open to structure ceilings, polished concrete floors, OSB clad offices and walls finished with frosted plastic that subtly reveal the studs and conduit within.  


Brinkman Partners



Fort Collins, CO

Completed 2014

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