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777 Grant

Located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, 777 Grant street is a renovation of a 1959 office building originally designed for IBM and most recently serving as headquarters for the Denver Housing Authority.  Small modifications to the modernist architecture helps enlarge existing punched openings to improve daylighting within the office space and capitalize on beautiful views to the mountains.  While an addition to the ground floor enriches the neighborhood with additional retail and restaurant space and improves the pedestrian experience along 8th and Grant with an activated urban edge.


Littleton Capital Partners



777 Grant Street

Denver, CO 80203

Completed 2020

777 Exterior Shot_50
Window Pattern Diagram
1 Proposed East Elevation
1 Existing East Elevation
Side by side existing and proposed windo
Exisitng and Proposed Retail Addition
Plan Diagram
2018-04-13 777 Grant Axo without Patio
2019-02-20 B_1 - Photo
2019-02-20 B_5 - Photo
2019-02-20 B_2 - Photo
2019-02-20 B_3 - Photo
2019-02-20 B_4 - Photo
Render 2B
Render 1
Render 3
Render 5
Render 4 OP 2
Render 6_mural
Grant and 8th Corner (1)
777 Exterior Shot_23
777 Exterior Shot_14
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