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Blue Federal Credit Union Headquarters

Located in the heart of Cheyenne, Wyoming, this 8.6 acre site is home to the corporate headquarters of Blue Federal Credit Union (BFCU), the largest of its kind in the state. Previously an abandoned shopping center, the site has been transformed to improve banking services for clients across Wyoming and Colorado. Showing a true dedication to the city and people of Cheyenne, BFCU's three-stories of office programming is complimented with a two-story community wing housing amenity and event space. Large canopies around both wings of complex share a common design language with the BFCU branch design built throughout the front range, providing protection for outdoor events and helping blur the line between private and public space. The building and its grounds have been host to holiday events, corporate retreats, fundraisers, seasonal sports, concerts, weddings, festivals, and more, proving it as a catalyst for BFCU's employees and the community at large. 

Completing the campus are two retail buildings, which include a Blue Federal Credit Union Branch, non-profit services, and leased tenant space. Each building is linked with gardens, plazas, and walking trails, with the requisite infrastructure for food trucks, lighting, parking, and future flexibility. 


Blue Federal Credit Union

Brinkman Construction


Cheyenne, WY


Completed 2020


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