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brad kreuger 


After growing up in St. Louis, MO, Brad attended the University of Kansas School of Architecture. While getting his master's at KU, he found a meaningful connection to design that propelled his curiosity about the human experience of architecture. He has participated in urban design studies, passive systems studies, and achieved an award for design-build work. After graduation in 2020, he moved to Denver.


Brad applies his explorative nature beyond architecture by operating a clothing company, screen printing, and practicing skills like ceramics, woodworking, and motorcycle mechanics. Brad is constantly letting his surroundings inspire him which encourages him to travel more and keep asking questions. His love for design is rooted in curiosity and willingness to learn with a notion that strong technical skills and experience turn that creativity into reality. Brad believes that architecture isn’t limited to its function or visual appeal, but also the impact of how people interact with and experience their environment.



University of Kansas 2020

Masters of Architecture

University of Kansas 2019

Certificate of Urban Design

professional experience


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