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Galvanize 2.0

These inclusive, integrated resources of education and collaborative workspace come together with two sites created as Denver’s community campus. Like Colorado’s earliest inhabitants and settlers the two campus sites are located along the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. Galvanize community members have the option to walk, bike, ride the rails, log-in or drive to work. They bring with them an idea to be developed, a startup to nurture, or a young company to grow.


Within the Galvanize member community, innovation is no longer relegated to a basement, a garage or the lone tinkerer’s workbench. The Galvanize interior architecture gathers the talented, the technical and the creative and provides vibrant hubs where their nascent ideas may take root. Galvanize encourages connecting with education, resources and spaces designed for collaboration and innovation. They are structured to replace the garage. As such, they provide space for over 1,000 entrepreneurs in five cities in three states, where members have access to an array of amenities and membership benefits.




1644 Platte Street

Denver, CO 80202


Completed 2015


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