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Vectra Bank Corporate Center

Located adjacent to I-25 and RTD’s Belleview Light Rail Station, Vectra Bank Corporate Center is a bold interpretation of contemporary architecture that still brings timeless composition.  Vectra Bank is very forward thinking, and the style and amenities of the building were designed with that long view in mind.  The modern aesthetic of Vectra Bank Corporate Center utilizes clean lines and refined material palette that will maintain its visual appeal.

The Vectra Bank Corporate Center site is unique in the Belleview Station neighborhood because it is rotated in relation to the rest of the blocks and located directly adjacent to the Belleview light rail station.  This results is unobstructed mountain views to the west down Layton Ave and to the north and south over I-25, now and into the future.  The first level of the office is elevated on the 6th level of the building due to the stacked podium parking, which provides great views for all office levels, enhanced by an all-glass facade. 

Sustainability for the project was built on top of Vectra Bank’s core value, “big enough to count, small enough to care” where every element was looked at through the lens of caring about the community and employees.  The project uses a holistic approach for both building efficiency and the health and wellbeing of the occupants.  Focus was given to key areas especially relevant to Colorado by implementing water reducing strategies.  A significant amount of energy was saved through the efficiency of the mechanical system all while using high performance filtration to deliver clean air to occupants.  Good daylighting and views throughout the office contribute to the wellbeing of employees.


Vectra Bank 


7222 E Layton Ave, Denver, CO 80237


Completed 2022


CoStar Development of the Year 2022

NAIOP Development of the Year 2022

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