Cathrin Meyer:

Cathrin is a current 3rd year-student at Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Germany and is one semester away from graduating with her B. A. degree. She gained first insights and interest in the work of architects starting with internships in 2009. Positive experiences intensified her passion and encouraged her to do an apprenticeship to become a draftsperson at local architecture practice in Bavaria. Right after finishing she enrolled for the 3-year B.A. program at Nuremberg and was able to increase her knowledge. For her the strong connection between technical and artistic elements is one of the most exciting aspects in architecture and she is excited to have the opportunity to design parts of our surrounding as a conscientious architect.


Bachelor of Arts  - Nuremberg Institute of Technology, 2020 anticipated graduation

Masters of Architecture - Nuremberg Institute of Technology, 2022 anticipated graduation

Professional Experience

Doellinger Architekten, Schilingsfuerst

Baum und Kappler Architekten, Nuernberg

Bermueller Niemeyer Architekturwerkstatt, Nuernberg



Student Intern