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Gavilon World Headquarters

One of downtown Omaha's largest developments in decades, the world headquarters of Gavilon (now Viterra) includes offices and amenities for hundreds of employees.

A unique and necessary feature of the building was a large trading floor with minimal obstruction to provide Gavilon’s traders maximum flexibility. The 35,000 square foot, two-story, column-free space is equivalent in size to seven basketball courts, providing traders with unblocked views of the entire floor and natural day lighting. This space is equipped with a raised floor system that includes air, power and data systems; a 20-foot-high, glass curtain wall around the perimeter, and an open central staircase connecting the trading floor to office space in the mezzanine. Additional trading floor, office, and meeting spaces are located under the mezzanine.


The Class A office building includes three office levels on the north side and two office levels on the south side above two levels of parking. The building includes a signature entry, cafeteria, and fitness center. Its centralized location offers employees close proximity to retail and entertainment options in Omaha’s thriving downtown.


Designed with sustainable construction practices and elements, including the use of regional and recycled materials, efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and water efficient plumbing fixtures, Gavilon’s headquarters took just under 16 months from groundbreaking to delivery.




Omaha, NE


Completed 2012

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