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helena tiblot

interior designer | NCIDQ

Equipped with a master’s degree in interior architecture/product design and licensure in interior design, Helena has over a decade of experience crafting beautiful and functional workspaces. Helena is passionate about the idea that design, no matter the scale, is about solving problems. It is not only the outcome of thoughtful dialogue, detailing, and construction, but it is a living story that is molded by the team of people who work on it. From the client who structures the goals, to the team of consultants, vendors, and builders, Helena enjoys the challenge of bringing a team together to create  spaces that excite and inspire the people that ultimately inhabit them. Calling Denver home since 2015, she has led a variety local projects, including the corporate headquarters for Inspirato, Alterra Mountain Co, and Crocs. She also has experience in the restaurant and hospitality space, amenity design, and education. 



Masters in Interior Architecture and Product Design, Kansas State University

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