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jay ireland

studio leader | LEED AP | AIA | QA / QC director

Jay serves the studio in a unique and critical way, focusing 100% of his time collaborating with the team to solve the critical details, map the work ahead, and provide QA/QC at every milestone of a project.  His experience spans decades, providing him with the patience and the knowledge to tackle the most complicated project types but also to train our architects to become self-sufficient and resourceful, no matter the challenge. Working as an extension of Brad, Jay guides our projects from beginning to end as a resource to the entire A/E team.


As the son of a high school architectural drafting teacher, Jay found his passion for architecture from an early age, and thus began a lifelong pursuit of architecture. His passion for architecture has manifested into a love for urban mixed-use projects due to the unique challenges of marrying multiple uses into a single building, and enhancing the public experience by integrating these projects into the city fabric. Jay has worked on many different project types in Denver and throughout Colorado, including Balfour at Riverfront Park, a mixed-use complex within the historic Moffat train station depot; the Hyatt Regency Convention Center Hotel and the Block 162 redevelopment.



University of Arizona 1989

Bachelor of Arts, Architecture

professional experience


Mark Singer Architects

Langdon Wilson International

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