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laura mears

studio leader | aia | architect

Grounding creativity with rationality, Laura brings a balanced perspective to the studio. Her passion for the artistic and the analytical is what led her to the pursuit of architecture. Seeing each project as a puzzle to solve, her approach to design is extremely thorough and takes every angle into account. She is at her best when collaborating with others and sees great value in cultivating relationships. Whether working together in the studio, with clients, or the design and construction team, Laura’s calm demeanor, and positive attitude fosters cooperation to find innovative solutions for any problem and inspires trust in her leadership abilities. Her background in design-build brings a unique understanding of construction that she taps into when devloping details and refining the design. With an eager desire to gain well-rounded knowlege and experience, she has designed architecture and interiors for commercial office, restaurant, mixed-use, multi-family, high-end residential, adaptive re-use, and historic preservation.

In her free time, Laura gives back to the architectural community through AIA Colorado’s ARE ASAP program, mentoring hopeful architects that are studying for their registration exams.



Education and Community Involvement
B.S. Architecture, University of Virginia 2004
M. Architecture, University of Colorado Denver, 2013 with Design Build Certificate
Licensed Architect: State of Colorado

Mentor for Architectural Registration Exam Candidates, 2015 - Present
Design Build Bluff 2012

professional experience

DASA, Dailey Janssen Architects, Sopher Sparn Architects (previously Sopher Architects), Venture Architecture

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