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patricia romo

interior designer

Patri’s ability to design highly functional and visually compelling interiors comes from her experiences growing up in the global city of Madrid. After completing her studies in Law, she relocated to New York to study Interior Architecture at Parsons School of Design. In her studies she developed a passion for biomimetic design, an approach that is centered on the observation of nature’s innate ability to solve problems. This passion has been translated into a variety of workspace interiors through the thoughtful selection of materials, incisive integration of nature, and a committed focus to occupant wellness.

In her time at OSA, Patri has explored ways to embed sustainability into commercial projects, coordinating design and install at the scale of 200sf lobbies to 50,000sf corporate headquarters. She is a regular participant in WeCare, an annual design event benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of America, and can often be found snowboarding Colorado’s slopes.


Parsons School of Design 2020

Associate in Applied Science, Interior Design


University Autonomous of Madrid 2014

Bachelor's in Law

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