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ANB Plaza

Driven by the increased pedestrian activity of adjacent city blocks, the renovation of ANB’s property in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood was designed to prepare it for a more public-facing future in the evolved urban fabric. To improve the city block between 1st and 2nd Avenue, the project was split into two phases: a re-clad of the existing 8 story brick office building along 1st Avenue and a remodel of the existing 3 story parking garage to add a retail wrap along the perimeter.


In conjunction with these renovations, the alley between the two buildings, previously under-utilized as a loading zone, was transformed into a pedestrian promenade. Brick pavers, enhanced lighting, added planting, and entries into the building established a stronger street presence. Like many of the buildings in the area constructed in the 80’s, the sidewalk was detached from the building to make use of a half-story below grade. With new zoning updates, the pedestrian experience was able to be pulled up close to the building, with more at-grade storefront and wider walkways.


Challenges on this project included re-glazing and re-cladding a fully occupied office building while it continued with day-to-day operations; removing a 15,000 sf precast slab within an operational parking garage; and infilling a new structural slab to connect the retail space along 2nd avenue to the exterior sidewalk. Working closely with the contractor, ownership, and building management teams, the project was completed on schedule and under-budget.


ANB Bank


Denver, CO


Completed 2018


ACI 2019

Excellence in Concrete Award

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