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Partners Group - New York

In the process of developing Partners Group’s North American Headquarters, a reinforced corporate identity was forged. Full design guidelines and specs were prepared for Partners Group and applied to offices across the globe. Open Studio | architecture served as the design architect on these satellite and regional headquarter offices, including Munich, London, Paris, Singapore, and Manila.

As a tenant-infill project, working with existing building systems and integrating modern technology was paramount. Hidden audio/visual and security features were coordinated closely to maintain expansive ceiling heights and protect the sweeping views of the New York skyline. In addition to adapting to the known elements of the existing building, the design adapts to the unknown: Conferencing spaces and private offices have flexible partition systems to allow for future growth or downsizing.


Partners Group New York, like any location, takes these existing guidelines and contextualizes them with key details rooted in place. Inspired by Manhattan, art deco forms and jewel-toned materials are unique to this specific location. Conference rooms and individual offices, while fitting the international standard, have curated art and sizing reflective of the city’s unique working environment.


Partners Group


New York, NY


Completed 2021

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