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New Belgium Brewing

As an addition to the existing New Belgium Brewing Headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, this project looks to provide visitors with an expanded tasting room that can bring a more distinct experience to both the social and secluded biergartens of the complex. The masterplan can accommodate private events, concerts, movies, and a number of other activities integral to the New Belgium culture. Inspired by the existing structure and Colorado's mountain vernacular, varying degrees of enclosure intersect for a multitude of tastes. Materiality, shading, operability, and landscape were all primary drivers of the design in keeping with New Belgium's commitment to authenticity and community.

Outside of the public programming, an enhanced working atmosphere was included. Offices for rapidly expanding operations that feel both connected to and protected from the active grounds were added, an update on the existing infrastructure more aligned with modern working. A gradient of apertures in the wood helps add layers of privacy for this workspace, while still providing ample filtered daylighting.


New Belgium Brewing


Fort Collins, CO


Completed 2018

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