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The Nichols Building

The Nichols Building is situated on a long, narrow, 0.58 acre site at 1644 Platte Street. These narrow edges of the site give the project the unique opportunity for two front doors, and the building’s design springs from this relationship. Placing a focus on connections of light and people, the parti for the project focuses on vertical and horizontal movement across the site. A public-private partnership with the City of Denver gives way to the pedestrian trail along Platte River and promotes multi-modal building access. By amplifying this feature of the site, the building becomes a conduit that connects the Central Platte Valley neighborhood to Denver’s growing urban core.


Showcasing its raw steel structure with natural daylight, a central atrium staircase, floor-to-ceiling windows, and premier views of downtown Denver from the fourth-floor community deck, the fenestration on the northeast elevation has a strategic rhythm that aligns with the interior spaces. Further fenestration predicts some level of future development on the site to the northeast. Amenities like the bike barn, gym, in-house cafe, restaurant, and event spaces all aim to promote building community and collaboration.


Nichols Partnership


Denver, CO


Completed 2015


DBJ Real Estate 2016

Top Office Project

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