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Partners Group - North American Headquarters

Partner’s Group, a global private equity company, selected Colorado for its new North American headquarters, as it shared common features to their Swiss origins - a mountain region with international connections.  Partner’s Group 
leadership was clear in their vision of a factory and what it represented to their clients and employees - a place of making. The campus includes offices, training facilities, an auditorium, and a variety of amenities, including a food market, dining, fitness gym, and recreation facilities. 

Located against the backdrop of the Flatiron Mountains, the project stands out from the typical office development of the area; an industrial factory embedded into a hillside and surrounded by native landscape. This vision informed the material palette of brick, steel, wood, and glass. Wherever possible, materials, furniture, and artifacts came from local sources and manufacturers. Site and environmental factors oriented the site plan and maximized views to the mountains. 

For the employee, the site is arranged to promote casual conversations and interactions. Informal gathering spaces are scattered throughout the campus, including centralized dining and multiple outdoor areas with fire pits. Murals provide inspiration and exhibit the values of the company. Details of this nature help the workplace feel more rooted in its environment and break down the larger scale of the campus into individual moments.


Partners Group


Broomfield, CO


Completed 2018

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