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The Exchange at Boulevard 1

The Exchange at Boulevard One is a 200,000-square-foot mixed-use redevelopment project situated on over five acres of land. This 1.5-block infill development features a variety of retail, restaurant, office, and entertainment spaces, including a restaurant located adjacent to a community park across from Lowry Boulevard. The Exchange contains the only commercial developments in Boulevard One, a 70-acre community that was transformed from an Air Force base into a mixed use residential and commercial neighborhood. Lowry's redevelopment has gained national recognition for its focus on sustainable development.


Block 7, designed by Open Studio, is organized with a cluster of retailers, restaurants, and office spaces surrounding a below-grade structured parking garage. This infill development adds a much-needed urban edge to the arterial streets, while enhancing the pedestrian experience and encouraging activity along Lowry Boulevard. The surface parking is effectively screened by the building and segmented into smaller zones, featuring an extensive pedestrian plaza that prioritizes foot traffic. The use of masonry, steel, and glass in the architecture is inspired by the legacy of Lowry, yet it offers a fresh reorganization that reflects the unique identity of this vibrant neighborhood.  The architecture also serves as a canvas for an enhanced art program comprised of a variety of artists providing installations and murals throughout the project.


Confluent Development

Kelmore Development


Denver, CO


Completed 2021


NAIOP Colorado 2021

Retail Development of the Year

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